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      The Man Behind The Madness - Robert McIntosh

      The Man Behind the Naked GoPro Pro Drone Madness - Robert McIntosh

      The Man Behind the Naked GoPro Pro Drone Madness - Robert McIntosh

      Some would consider him the God Father of the Naked GoPro Cinewhoop drone because he started building these small decased GoPro drones as far back as 2016. He also was the first to decase a GoPro and produce epic film from it. I guess you sort of have to record something epic for you to also claim any build titles these days and get attention. Well attention is what he got! Now he is famous for his "Muscle Up" Venice Beach video in which he won an award at the New York City Drone Film Festival in 2017.

      Robert McIntosh seems to have always had a knack for conceptualizing drones years before they even became a thing just as he had done in previous drone videos with his creative skateboarding videos. 

      Our personal favorite was the jaw dropping "Santa Monica Airlines" video in which he took our breath away with the world's first ever GoPro Drone soaring through the sky and between one of the tightest spacing ever seen before, the Santa Monica ferris wheel. It was on that one beautiful coastal California morning that the world of fpv drones finally took flight and was truly memorialized when the video lyrics said, "How does it make you feel?" In the world of Naked goPro CineWhoops, Robert is the shear pioneer here!

      Also lets not forget that all of this was done far before the "Muscle Up" video ever became famous. Before this Robert did a great little Joshua Tree video in which he flew long range and through a rock arch to then climb and expose the entire J-Tree Valley. Can you believe this was even before it was illegal to fly in national parks? Yeah that sure was a while back. It was simply amazing to see the flight skill as well as the build enginuity that emerged from Robert so many years back. However only thanks to Facebook groups like the Naked GoPro Community did the technology actually emerge, so thanks to them as well. However it wasn't until Aerial Vation communicated with Robert directly back in 2018 did the idea of building a fully Ready To Fly Kit really take shape. And now we have the CinéStar Go Naked GoPro Hero 8 drone fully prebuilt and ready to fly for commercial use as seen here: Naked GoPro Drone

      So thanks very much to the mack daddy of Naked GoPro Drones, Mr. Robert McIntosh and the Naked GoPro Community!