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      It is finally here! The fully decased GoPro Hero 8 camera and case by itself, no FPV drone. No need to buy the BNF drone. Aerial Vation is first to offer the fully decased naked Hero 8 to the masses. Insane strength and quality for commercial use. Easy to setup and use just like a normal GoPro, no DIY hacks here and no more Record Error Gremlins freezing your footage! Tested in the Las Vegas desert for three weeks. Commercial quality build meant for rugged use.


      Price: $549

      Price With Front LCD: $649


      Ships in 2-3 Weeks

      Mount Options:

      • BetaFPV V2

      • Standard Full Size GoPro (Additional $10)

      • Receive BOTH of the above (Additional $20)

      Don't Forget To Add The Lens Filters: 75% of customers get the L-Series lens filters because they add so much to the final video. They are much better than the cheap ones online like the Silver ones and even Polar Pro filters. The difference can be seen in the crispness of the video image while also greatly maintaining smooth video using the ND (neutral density) filtration. With generic filters this is a very difficult balance to achieve in cinema film but these filters use German SCHOTT glass and harness 16 green coatings of anti reflective material similar to what Carl Zeiss coat their lens with. The national brand Polar Pro does NOT have any of this but they do spend a lot of your money on market. You will be amazed at how sharp and natural the lens flares will look with our L-Series lens filters. 95% of commercial guys buy these so we love to see how happy they make people. Check them out below:

      Decased Camera Features:

      -GoPro Hero 8 Camera - Decased / Naked (in like new condition)

      -3D printed Hero 8 Case using industries best quality Fillamentum 98A TPU 3D print material, called FlexFit Technology because it is hard yet flexible enough to absorb impacts 

      -Allows for Camera Swivel

      -Custom wiring and commercial grade internal BEC voltage regulator (NO DANGEROUS 3RD PARTY BEC BOARDS) 

      -Custom T5 heat sink w commercial thermal paste and application

      -2 piece carbon fiber faceplate, made in Canada

      -Commercial quality record button

      -Flush mounted blacked out screws

      -Includes JST power cable with connector so you can plug or solder a power lead to the flight controller board of your choice

      -Two options of case mounts: standard GoPro or small universal mount

      -Factory GoPro LCD screen 

      -30 Day Warranty against manufacturing defects (even if crashed)

      -LCD screen comes pre-attached to the camera for cell phone pairing to GoPro app, (just remember to use app to save setting by by having the APP turn off the camera the first time, then you simple pull out the ribbon cable) easy to pair another device if needed, company will send instructions.

      *Image of camera wrapped in tap is how your drone will arrive. The factory back LED screen will still be attached so that you can use the screen to pair the GoPro camera to the GoPro app on your phone. VERY IMPORTANT: READ INSTRUCTIONS BELOW FOR PROPER PAIRING UPON RECEIPT


      Can I use this system on my 3", 4", 5", 6", 7" drone?

      -YES, it comes with 2 optional adaptors or you can purchase BOTH, see dropdown options

      -YES, the internal BEC accepts 3-6S voltage

      How Much Does the Naked GoPro Camera Only System (No Drone) weigh?

      -32 grams without the optional LCD

      -33 grams with the optional LCD

      -The original GoPro weight 126 grams

      -The lighter weight keeps many 2.0-2.5" CineWhoop drones under 250 grams

      What are the Advantages of using a Naked Decased GoPro camera on an FPV drone?

      -Better Center of Gravity

      -Less Noise Weight

      -Better Handling and Flight Characteristics

      -Less counterweight need in the back

      How to Pair Your Naked GoPro Decased Camera Phone When It Arrives?

      {Ready To Use In Under 5 minutes}

      ***Do NOT disconnect the LCD touchscreen from the GoPro*** Download the GoPro App. All drones ship with the latest version of GoPro Labs which is better optimized to send stabilization gyro data from the GoPro camera to the Reel Steady Software program if choose to use that for post video stabilization. We recommend this for the most stable footage available. Please disregard any GoPro App firmware update notices and do not update. Carefully take off the tape around the LCD and GoPro and connect a charged drone battery * Pair your phone to the GoPro App using the LCD touchscreen to follow the steps below: * Open the utility drawer by swiping from the top to the bottom of the touch display, then select "Preferences." * Select "Connections" and then tap on "Connect Device." * Tap on "GoPro App" to put your camera in pairing mode * At this point, you can tap on the "i" icon in the top right corner to see your WiFi name and password * On your phone, open your GoPro App. * Select the Camera logo at the bottom left corner of the app and it will automatically begin scanning for your camera * You should see "We Found Your GoPro" and a blue "Connect" button. Tap on connect. * You will see a section to change your camera's name, or you can tap on the bottom button to leave the name as it is * Your Gopro is now connected to your app * VERY IMPORTANT: YOU MUST USE YOUR APP TO TURN OFF YOUR GOPRO TO SAVE THE PAIRING SETTINGS TO YOUR PHONE OR ALL THE SETTINGS WILL BE LOST AND WHEN YOU DISCONNECT THE RIBBON CABLE YOU WILL BE STUCK WITH A CAMERA WITHOUT THE BACK LCD SCREEN TO REPAIR YOUR CAMERA TO PHONE * Double check and restart your camera to make sure your app is connecting to your camera automatically when your camera starts up * You may now gently pull the ribbon cable out of the back of the camera side (not the LCD screen side) *** If you remove your ribbon cable by accident or you need to pair your drone camera to a new phone/app or repair to your camera to your original phone/app again please contact SALES@AERIALVATION.COM for detailed instructions *** The most popular camera settings for those that use Reel Steady Go software are: (2.7K @ 60fps 4:3 Wide View, Low Light off). Once you set this up initially you do not need to use your phone app again unless you want a have live preview (10ft range), want to record/stop remotely, or need to adjust detailed camera settings ***