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      RTF Kit w/ Raw Footage Review Below - Stablized Final Footage is Much Better!

       $150 OFF

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      2-3 WEEKS

      International Orders Welcome! Shipping Via DHL Worldwide Express (Fast 2-3 days shipping during health pandemic)

      ( Picture Gallery Shows All Options. Choose Extra Options in the Dropdowns. If not seen in the Dropdowns, then the Accessories in the Picture Gallery are already Included with the Ready To Fly Kit, see bullet points below for what is included ) 

      Included Drone Hardware

      • Ready To Fly CinéStar™ Go Drone w Hero 8 Camera & FlexFit Case (Pre-Tuned, Pre-Bound, Designed & Assembled in America)

      • BetaFPV 95x Carbon Fiber Frame

      • Analog or Digital (Caddx Vista Digital Video Pairs with FPV DJI Goggles) 

      • NEW Caddx Nebula camera with custom relocation of the transmitter to center of frame to significantly increase the center of gravity improving drones smoothness & flight time

      • TrueRc Designed Caddx Vista Antenna w Custom Antenna Mount using Filamentum™ 3D Print Material  w Break Away Antenna Slot & Tethered Wire

      • Proprietary 4 Prong Dampening System for Hero 8 Camera

      • Beautifully fabricated 2 piece 3K carbon fiber camera faceplate (Made in Canada)

      • Emax 1404 3700kv Eco Motors

      • Rear Mount Multi-Color LEDs for Spotting

      • 12x New Custom Black Ducted Propellers

      • Massive T5 Aluminum Alloy Camera Heat Sink

      • Custom carbon fiber battery tray (Made in Canada)

      • ALL Hardware Blacked Out

      • AIO Flight Controller 

      • Custom Blacked Out Wires

      Included Accessories

        • Sling Backpack fits ALL the RTF Kit gear and has unique design to rotate pack toward your chest to access all gear without having to set the backpack or your parts on the ground, very compact and comes with water resistant cover (compare to LowePro Slingshot Edge 250, $99 Value)  ***International Orders do NOT included FREE backpack ***

        • ToolKitRC Super Charging Station MD6 500 Watt Charger with 2x XT60 to XT30 Adaptors (Charge two batteries at once and all four batteries in under 45 minutes) 

        • 100 Watt Wall Charger (USA Plug)

        • 3x GNB 650mah 4S Batteries (Only 63g each) Sport Pack

        • 1x GNB 1100mah 4S Battery (Only 88g each) Endurance Pack

        • 1x GNB 6500mah 4S Source Battery for Mobile Field Charging, can charge above batteries 12 times

        • (1) 32 GB Premium Grade "U3" Rated  Memory Card Optimized for 4K @ 100MB/s for Hero 8 Cameras 

        • Battery checker, easy read large LCD shows percentage

        • 12 extra GemFan Propellers

        • 10,00mah Battery Bank: Charge remote, cell phone, 18650 batteries for goggles or mini drone in the field

        • Device cable for iPhone and Android cable to charge Remote Controller and mini drone

        • Reel Steady Go Software: World's most popular drone stabilization software, auto leveling and butter smooth cinema quality results ($99 value)

        • Drone Landing Pad

        • Practice Mini Drone to hone your skills

      Optional Receivers

      • TBS CrossFire (Recommended Default)

      • FrySky

      • Spectrum

      Optional Accessories

      • L-Series DUAL Stacked Lens Filters featuring SCHOTT German Glass & 16x Green Antireflective Coatings; Circular Polarizer & ND Filter 2-In-1 (PL/ND8    PL/ND16    PL/ND32    PL/ND64) w Travel Case

      • DJI FPV Goggles with Top of the Line TrueRc X-Air & Stubby antennas. Great for Long Range and Short Range, Best Tested Combination (Goggles come with aftermarket antennas and Furious FPV battery pack plus extra batteries, see below)

      • FatShark HDO Goggles

      • Either Goggle Set comes with Furious FPV Safe Headset Battery Pack w Auto On/Off & 2 Sets of Two Sony VTC4 18650 Batteries (4 total) & a portable 18650 Battery Charger

      • Hardcase: Nanuk 940 Hardcase w Foam

      • Hardcase: Nanuk 940 Hardcase w Foam + Sling Backpack

      Optional Radio

      • Tango 2 Pro Remote with Diamond Gorilla Grip Wrap

      • Includes the amazing TBS Crown Jewel Stick Ends for Pincher, Thumber or Hybrid Pinchers

      Optional Transportation

      • Nanuk 940 Hardcase w Foam

      • FREE Rapid Deploy Back or substitute it for a Nanuk Hard case

      Optional Drone Guard Insurance

      • Covers ALL Crash Damage To Your Drone No Questions Asked!!!

      • Only Insurance On The Market Available For Naked GoPro Drones


      • Small $99 Deductible Also Includes Free Domestic Shipping Back to You. Learn More Here

      Wirelessly link of your GoPro to your phone to view settings and record. Optional re-installation of the factory LCD screen on the FlexFit Hero 8 camera case is an available option in the dropdowns 

                  Introducing the world's first commercially available sub 250 gram mini drone with decased GoPro Hero 8 camera in a fully Ready To Fly kit. After seeing Robert McIntosh's decased GoPro Hero 6 win the 2017 New York drone festival with the video "Muscle Up", a title wave of DIY builders have been busy at work trying to perfect his build with only mild success. Now a Fully "Ready To Fly" kit is available with everything you see here including the new GoPro Hero 8 camera. Featuring the highly popular inverted drone frame putting the camera payload above the motors our engineers have procured an astonishingly low profiled platform drone. With over 50 upgrades to the CinéStar Go including the glorious Caddx Vista digital video transmitter, now mounted inside of the belly of this bird which has optimized the center of gravity by over a third, and with the design a proprietary FlexFit GoPro case and cooling system, this is the first commercially available sub 250 gram mini drone capable of filming in 4K at a whopping 60 frames per second! CinéStar Go, "The Art of Cinewhoop"