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      Are you looking for commercial quality Next Level Drone Kits??

      Look no farther because we aim to please. But please, don't ask us how much! We focus on quality and attention to detail first!

      Our story began building balsa wood airplanes as children with our father and quickly turning into the business of building DJI F450s and Lumenier Disco Pro FPV drones. We soon had great success selling highly modified DJI drones which included Inspire 2 commercial kits. With 20+ employees and DJI wanting to capture the market on their own we decided to scale back and focus on our passion of engineering one drone build at a time. This has allowed us to put all of our passion and quality into each drone until until each one has been perfected. Our client feedback became much stronger and satisfying this way so are happy to continue this new path of American made products & services.

      We love to educate those looking to learn more because technology is fun and the footage from these the Naked GoPro cinewhoop drones is EPIC to say the least! We appreciate all your feedback in our pursuit to perfection look forward to seeing what you all can create with these amazing new drones. 

      Our works included projects for National Geographic, ESPN & Score International race trucks. We have seen our builds flown in over 30 different countries. We occasionally conduct charitable works in some of these countries too to further promote this beautiful art of flight.

      We hope you enjoy every single aspect of your custom CinéStar™ drone build and continue to keep demanding more Next Level Drones for the world to see. Our creativity comes from your passion.  

      Happy Flying & Filming!!


      -Aerial Vation