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      Commercial Quality Naked GoPro Lite Cinewhoop Drones

      Aerial Vation Now Offers CinéStar™ Go Drone Guard Insurance!

      We’ve heard you! Faster turnaround time on repairs and replacements using in-house technicians from American and customer service reps you can actually talk to. Aerial Vation is proud to announce that we have our own insurance coverage for your CinéStar Go drone.

      • Aerial Vation is proud to offer the best and likely ONLY Insurance program in the industry for the new Naked Decased GoPro Hero 8 Cinewhoop Drone using our very own in-house technicians
      • Offers you the security and knowledge that if your drone has an accident or unintentional damage then it will be covered, repaired, or replaced
      • 1 Year / 12 Month Coverage
      • Covers accidental & unintentional damages to your product due to dropping, impact, and other accidental damage
      • Includes FREE shipping back to you 
      • Small $99 Deductible
      • Aerial Vation’s in-house drone specialists and technicians have been working on drones and hobby parts for 10+ years and will assess, diagnose, fix, repair and put your drone through a 50 point inspection before shipping it back to you. The same level of detail you see in the drone build is the same level of detail we put into all repairs or replacements 
      • Fast turn around time on most claims: 1-2 weeks processing time, versus 1-2 months from manufacturers like DJI 
      • Covers all damage to your drone except LOST, STOLEN, WATER DAMAGED OR INTENTIONAL DAMAGE 
      • Limit to (2) Maximum Claim Request Per Year
      • Aerial Vation Reserves the Right To Refuse Any Claim and Return Down Payment Along with the Drone they Received
      • Aerial Vation does not repair other company's drones 
      • For minor damage or repairs, we may offer an hourly rate of $50/hour that ends up being cheaper than using your $99 deductible
      • 1 Year Coverage Starts Upon Carrier Package Receipt
      • Email Us For Potential 2nd Year Renewal Instructions
      • Simple and hassle free customer support and claims processing 

      Coverage is available for all BNF, RTF decased naked GoPro Lite Camera Cinewhoop drones and sub 250 gram CinéStar Go cinema drones